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Why is there a need for a practice devoted to
pain management in pets?

Pain in animals is both under-recognized and too often, under-managed. This is largely due to the challenge they present as non-verbal patients, as well as an under-appreciation of the consequences of undermanaged pain. However, pain has been clearly demonstrated to cause:

  • worsening and lengthening of illness as a result of the body’s stress response (and in extreme cases can contribute to a cause of death)
  • in early life experiences, heightened sensitivity to pain even years later
  • diminished memory and cognitive skills in chronic pain patients

…and of course in animals, undermanaged pain can be, sadly, a criteria for euthanasia. Fortunately, the emerging field of animal pain management is experiencing exciting advances in the understanding of pain neurophysiology and treatment. The CAPM is uniquely focused on those changes, and leveraging them on behalf of your pet.


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