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Our Approach

Carolinas Animal Pain Management (CAPM) is designed to provide resources for, and the treatment of, pets for whom a prime consideration is the control of discomfort and the restoration and/or improvement of mobility and abilities.   The eligible patient population spans the entire continuum of acute and chronic pain circumstances and syndromes.

CAPM utilizes an integrated, balanced, flexible approach to pain management, taking advantage of many non-pharmacologic (non-drug) modalities as well as traditional and novel pain-relieving medications.  Each pet and pet owner is treated as an individual with its own history and circumstances.  Our staff will devote the time and attention necessary for education, characterizing your pet’s condition, and formulating and then helping to implement a plan to meet the needs of your beloved friend and companion, and as importantly, your own.

The CAPM operates within TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook in Gastonia, N.C.


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